16 ‘Scrooge’ Performances Left

Tonight, the Pocket Sandwich Theatre played host to one of our most special audiences.  A foster care organization bought out the theater and brought in some of the children for whom they care.  Most of them had never seen a stage production before.  Some were experiencing Charles Dickens’ classic tale for the very first time.

After the final bow, we were greeted with hugs and smiles.  While they expressed gratitude for our performance, we were the ones who were treated with one of our best audiences so far.  Thanks to everyone who made this evening possible.

Two weekends of performances are now behind us.  However, we’re only getting started.  We start up again on Tuesday and over the next two weeks we’ll put on 16 performances, concluding our run on December 23.  The shows are packed and selling out early so make your reservations soon before this year’s production becomes little more than legend!

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