The Music of The Light

I’m driving through my neighborhood a few nights ago and come to realize that Christmas is upon us.  Given that I had been in rehearsals for six weeks and now perform in a stage production where Christmas is tossed around more often than the F-word in a Tarrantino movie, perhaps I should be troubled that I am only now coming to that realization.  But not as troubled as when witnessing the awful carnage of holiday tradition littering my neighbor’s front lawns.  Achmed sings 'Jingle Bombs'Seriously, my street looks like Achmed the Dead Terrorist  detonated in the seasonal aisle at Wal-Mart.

Let me clarify: I’m no Scrooge (no offense, David Lambert).  I appreciate the expression of joy my fellow homeowners display during this time of the year.  Furthermore, I share that joy myself and would never intend to discourage others from demonstrating it.  Having said that, while the expression of such joy is always legitimate, the execution is often less so.  It’s like when your four year-old brings you their latest artistic achievement in crayon.  You love it, it is beautiful, you proudly display it on your refrigerator.  Well, that’s my neighborhood at this time of year — one big, ugly refrigerator.

So, burdened with the conflicting joy of the Christmas Spirit coupled with the dreadful, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it fascination one experiences driving past auto accidents, I pull into my garage, say a little prayer as the door descends and enter my home content in knowing there is love in the world even if it is not always pretty.

Then my friend Steve Lindsey posts this on Facebook:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Perhaps some people find this a bit excessive and maybe it is.  However, I find this to be leaps and bounds above the thoughtless acquisition of inflatable snow-globes, chaotic light strands and holographic Rudolfs with big, undulating backsides (I kid you not; there’s one three doors down).  Clearly this is the product of a very intelligent and creative individual who engages all his energies when expressing his Christmas joy.  This remarkable display is a reflection of its creator who, in turn, is a reflection of his own.  This is an example where the beauty of expression comes close to unifying with the glory of its Inspiration.
As we go through the holidays, let us remember there is a Music underneath our celebrations that goes deeper than our ears can hear.  Our eyes can’t see it; our hands can’t touch it; our minds cannot fully appreciate it.  It is something or Someone in whom only our hearts can feel and our souls rejoice.
This holiday season, my wife and I, from our heart and soul, wish you a merry Christmas.

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