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READY TEDDY to Bare Bones

Ready Teddy will slice through Muskogee, Oklahoma later this month when it screens at the Bare Bones International Film Festival.  Writer/director Jerod Costa announced recently that his bloody opus has been nominated in the Best Horror/Sci-Fi Micro category at the festival which champions small-budget filmmakers.  Ready Teddy is scheduled to run Saturday, April 30th at 2 PM.

Elvis is kidnapped by four Liverpudlian lunatics seeking to extract the secret of That-Which-All-Men-Desire. Caught in a trap and can’t walk out, will our hero get all shook up? That’ll be the day! Not for the squeamish, Ready Teddy is a tale of blood, guts and peanut-butter-banana cuisine.

Brad Stephens stars as a sinister Paul McCartney in the film.  Shot in the Dallas area, Ready Teddy made its début last year at the Trail Dance Film Festival, winning two awards including Best Dark Comedy.  It then went on to claim the Best Short Film award at Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival in November.

The Bare Bones International Film Festival was created for filmmakers, screenwriters and actors involved in independent motion picture projects anywhere in the world.  Movie Maker Magazine named the festival one of their “25 Festivals Worth The Entry Fee” in 2010.  The festival run April 25–May 1, 2011 in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

For more information, visit The Bare Bones International Film Festival website.

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