Smash & Grab

Well, sadly, events unfold that remind us we live in a world where man is truly a fallen being.

My wife went to lunch with a friend today and, upon leaving the restaurant, found that someone had smashed the driver’s side window of our car and stolen the portable GPS that was inside.  The blessing is that no one was hurt and we are both grateful for that.  Indeed, we’ve managed to make light of the situation.  We sort of feel bad for the thief who made off with an ancient GPS with outdated maps and a bad tendancy to route you to the wrong place entirely.  He’s probably lost somewhere right now cursing the spoils of his effort.

Upon reporting the incident, my wife learned that someone witnessed the theft and called the cops with a description of the perp (I’ve always wanted to use the term “perp”).  If it’s God’s will, he will be caught.  Otherwise, life goes on and so shall we.  After all, it’s only stuff, nothing of real value — certainly nothing worth the risk of getting caught and going to jail.

Tough break, perp.  😛

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