A Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love Me Do

Paul McCartneyThis weekend I will be playing the role of former Beatle Paul McCartney in a short film titled Ready Teddy.  This won’t be a portrayal of the public McCartney, the animal-rights activist, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  No.  This is the McCartney from the mind of Jarod Costa, a local filmmaker who loves deconstructing icons.  This McCartney is nasty.

Elvis Presley, the KingThe film will involve a short scene with McCartney (me), John Lennon (former KD Studios classmate Scott Barber), George and Ringo tormenting a kidnapped Elvis Presley.  What they want from him is ambiguous but it is clear that McCartney wants Elvis to acknowledge their superior pop status.  Of course, the King bows to no one, not even for a fried peanut-butter and banana sandwich — hence the conflict.

Costa has written a deliciously absurd and campy script.  This should prove to be a fun shoot.

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