READY TEDDY at Blood Bath

Ready Teddy will hit the big screen in Dallas this weekend as DOA Blood Bath Entertainment will screen the Jerod Costa film at the Blood Bath 2 Film Festival in the Texas Theatre.  Brad Stephens channels the darker side of Paul McCartney in the award-winning six-minute short filled with action, dark humor and enough blood to bathe in. 

Elvis is kidnapped by four Liverpudlian lunatics seeking to extract the secret of That-Which-All-Men-Desire. Caught in a trap and can’t walk out, will our hero get all shook up? That’ll be the day! Not for the squeamish, Ready Teddy is a tale of blood, guts and peanut-butter-banana cuisine. 

Shot in the Dallas area, the film made its début earlier this year at the Trail Dance Film Festival, winning two awards including Best Dark Comedy.  Ready Teddy runs during the second day of this year’s Blood Bath Film Festival, November 14th at the Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd. in Dallas.  It is currently scheduled to run shortly after 1 PM. 

Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival is the 4th film festival organized and hosted by DOA Blood Bath Entertainment. This two-day event is a celebration of independent cinema in the horror and dark comedy genres.  Details, trailers, posters, tickets, and much more can be found at

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