READY TEDDY Wins at Trail Dance

Ready Teddy took home two Golden Drovers last night at the awards presentation for the Trail Dance Film Festival, held over the weekend in Duncan, Oklahoma.  Writer, Producer, Director Jerod Costa’s bloody rock-n-roll opus took home a statue for Best Dark Comedy.  Kate Cassity won a trophy for her poster design for the film.

Ready Teddy screened Saturday night to the delight of festival attendees.  In attendance were a number of the cast and crew who took to the stage afterwards for a Q&A session.  When pressed about his treatment of the Fab Four, Costa responded by initiating a debate on who was better, Elvis or The Beatles.  The audience was clearly divided between the music icons but everyone appeared to enjoy the film.

In the film, I play a Liverpudlian lunatic named Paul whose crew — John, George and Ringo — has kidnapped the King of Rock-N-Roll seeking to extract the secret of That-Which-All-Men-Desire. Caught in a trap and can’t walk out, will our hero get all shook up? That’ll be the day! Not for the squeamish, Ready Teddy is a tale of blood, guts and peanut-butter-banana cuisine.

The Trail Dance Film Festival introduces up-and-coming filmmakers from around the globe to Oklahoma’s emergent film industry and provides a welcoming forum to showcase films amidst a beautiful Western landscape. The festival concludes with a grand awards gala and reception where custom sculpted Golden Drover Awards are presented to winning filmmakers and one lucky high school student will be awarded a $2000 scholarship to pursue a career in filmmaking. Trail Dance is an event organized by the Southwest Association of Film (SWAF).

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