The Ballad of Paul and Elvis

Don't Mess with Paul McCartneyIt’s been awhile since we heard from our friend Jerod Costa.  Last January he shared a teaser for his short film, Ready Teddy, in which I play a rather sadistic Paul McCartney.  I’m pleased to report that the project is still moving forward and we may have a completed film to share soon!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while…

This is just a quick update to assure everyone that Ready Teddy hasn’t fallen into some deep, dank pit where it’s struggling to survive. This last year life has gotten in the way of my aspirations for the film. I had a tremendously busy graduating semester where I produced 14 short films. My computer crashed and I had to essentially start from scratch. I’ve also had some fairly horrendous money issues. But alas, enough bitching.

Last night I finished a rough cut of the film. It looks great cats! (And kittens!) I also have Anthony working on sprucing up some of the shots with muzzle blasts for the guns and a few other surprises. I’m working on getting this early cut to Daron, the composer, sometime this coming weekend. Next week I’ll smooth out the edges of the picture cut and get into the sound editing, yuck! I hate sound editing. Bottom line: My goal is to have it finished by October 1st. Then we hit the festival circuit. I’m still toying with a few ideas for a premiere for the cast/crew.

Needless to say it’s beena wild ride this year, but soon you all will be enjoying the pleasent sight of Mitch, legless and screaming. Thanks again for all the time and effort put into the project. A director is only as good as his cast and crew.


That’s great news, Jerod.  We’re all wishing you the best and looking forward to seeing Ready Teddy in all its gory … I mean, glory.

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