Taking the Lead in IMPACT

Production of the indie short film Impact began bright and early this morning. Very early. As in 5:30 AM early. So, really, it wasn’t even all that bright yet.

Written and directed by local filmmaker Robert Montoya, Impact is set in a not to distant future where the First Amendment has been abolished due to a third attack on American soil by fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. With freedom of speech and religion revoked, a Christian finds himself fleeing government persecution of his faith. However, his flight is hindered when he stumbles upon a street prostitute in desperate need of help. A cautionary tale of what happens when fear arrests liberty, Impact is ultimately a tale of love and faith triumphing over despair.

Scheduled for a four-day shoot in multiple locations all over the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, I have been cast in the lead role. I will be making Twitter updates as we go along so feel free to follow our progress!

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  1. sandy in Dallas

    Cool! sounds like a good story…

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