I actually started my own blog.

What in the world possessed me to do such a thing?  Am I so vain as to think anyone in the world would care to sit and invest precious time they could never get back reading my mindless musings in cyberspace?  Apparently so since here I sit, fingers flying over my keyboard, spewing out thoughts like a burping infant spews his latest meal.

I have often wondered what would lead people to regurgitate their views in such a public manner.  For that matter, I’ve often pondered why I have occasionally taken the time to read them.  Now, with no real answers, I have joined the ranks of the trendy.

I am a blogger.  😮

May God have mercy on us all.


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2 responses to “…oh…my…holy…God…

  1. Unbelievable – to think anyone really cares about what anyone else thinks. Hmmm … we don’t travel through this life completely alone. Each life touches many lives therefore maybe we do have not just some interest but maybe some responsibility to know what others think and to allow others to know what we think. With that said, my thoughts and feelings are mine and yours are yours. Where we agree, we meet – where we disagree, we grow.

  2. How DARE you rain relevance on my self-depricating parade? 😉

    Welcome, Steve, to my madness!

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